Senior Living

Westminister Towers

Senior Living

Westminister Towers

70 West Luceren Circle, Orlanod, FL 32801

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    Construction Management

  • Project Insights

    Retirement Living, New Construction, CM at Risk, Living Spaces, Occupied Campus, Tight Site

Project Description

In 2008 our firm completed a comprehensive renovation on this campus, completely replacing the exterior curtain wall window system while the facility was fully occupied. This project encompassed 1,550 windows and 20 curtain wall columns. We worked on all 17 stories of this Orlando high-rise, and our employees operated in a total of 340 residential apartments. Not only have the new windows created an aesthetic improvement, but they have also facilitated an energy efficient interior. With the completion of this project all of the Westminster Towers apartments have floor-to-ceiling views of beautiful Downtown Orlando. We also added new ornate wood crown molding, drapery valences, and improved climate control. All of this work took place while the campus and living units remained occupied. The project was completed on time, within budget and exceeded the owners and residents expectation for quality.

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