There’s a more confident way to build.

The design of the buildings we construct, expand, or renovate is about one thing: how can the space be best utilized by people—customers and team members alike today and tomorrow? Focusing first on the people side of your business means we’ll ask you a lot of questions from the get-go.

We are in the construction business-but first, we're in the people business.

Eventually, however, you’ll have a lot of questions of us. That’s where your McCree CARES team is there for you. That’s where your McCree CARES team is there for you. You will have every members’ direct cell phone. Your Team includes a:


Project Coordinator

From concept to completion, your Project Coordinator is your go-to person for everything for the life of your project. And we mean “for the life of your project” as in years after you’ve taken occupancy, we’re still here for you. Storm damage? Call your Project Coordinator. Need to renovate? Call your Project Coordinator. Need to refinance and need as-built drawings? Call your Project Coordinator.


Project Manager

During construction, a Project Manager joins your team to oversee the daily details of your project.



Can’t reach your Project Coordinator? No Problem, call your Concierge. For most matters, your Concierge knows the answer or will get you the answer or get you in touch with your Project Coordinator.


ProCore Account

ProCore isn’t a person, but an online tool giving you 24/7/365, unfiltered access to every aspect of your project. You can review everything from blueprints to daily progress reports to a list of who’s doing what on your project, and then some.

Our goal is to make working with McCree an easy and enjoyable experience that’s free of hassles and minimizes your exposure to construction-related risks. The better we are at our job, the better you can be with yours.

To find out more about our Client CARES Team and how they will make your McCree experience a positive one you will remember, contact us now.

The McCree CARES team approach enables you to

Have as stress-free a construction experience as we can humanly make possible

Have your questions answered in “plain English” instead of “construction-speak”

Have 24/7/365 access to the people you need to talk to when you need to talk

Anticipate changes or delays (things do happen) to your construction project in advance so you can make plans

Accelerate decision making and processing of documents when you meet with us

Be more empowered as you manage your budget

McCree Values: CARES

Craftsmanship: “We believe in building it right or we make it right.”

Adaptable: “We believe in planning ahead and adapting to the day.”

Realistic: “We believe in saying what we mean. We believe in meaning what we say.”

Effective: “We believe is seeking first to understand, then to be understood.”

Stewardship: “We believe too whom much is given, much is required.”

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