Stay Informed About Your Construction Project

We want you to have total confidence and full information about your project. You’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly. Things happen on construction sites. The good news is that we’re handling them for you as part of our McCree CARES and Concierge approach.

Whether you check in daily, weekly, monthly or not at all, just know that you can get this granular with the details above and beyond your regularly scheduled project updates.

Cloud-Based Construction Software

ProCore is McCree’s third-party provided internal platform that connects our team, applications and devices in one central hub. This remarkable tool helps us manage the life cycle of your construction project. In the spirit of full project transparency, your ProCore managed and tracked project is fully accessible to you anytime. You see what we see.

Need Help?

If you can’t find your login information, please use ProCore’s ID and password recovery at the link above or ask your Concierge. Training to use and understand ProCore is available from your Concierge during regular business hours. Please ask for help.

ProCore® is an independently owned and operated online platform used by many general construction companies in Central Florida and around the world.

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