Sanford Burnham


Sanford Burnham

6400 Stanger Road, Orlando, FL 32827

  • Delivery Method

    Construction Management

  • Project Insights

    AHCA, ICRA/ILSM, Class A Facility, Medical Offices, Fast Track Scheduling, LEAN Scheduling, Exam Rooms, , Offices, Dining Hall

Project Description

McCree was selected to complete a unique and complex renovation to the active and occupied Burnham Institute in Lake Nona’s Medical Area. The renovation included upgrading and complete overhaul of the NMR – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Suite. This project had a fast track schedule requiring precise coordination of all activities and procurement of materials. McCree took extra care working in and around the staff and visitors to the Burnham campus and worked diligently to perform the construction in an inconspicuous manner. This project was completed on budget, on time, exceeding quality expectations and passed AHCA.

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