Senior Living

Salvation Army – William and Catherine Booth Towers

633 Lake Dot Circle Orlando, FL 32801

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    HUD, Multi-Story, CM at Risk, Multiple Buildings, Downtown, Residential

Project Description

The William Booth Tower was constructed in 1980 and in need of upgrades to their busy, high in demand location. This HUD campus hired McCree as a Construction Manager to upgrade the existing facility all while keeping the tower in full operation. These upgrades included all new windows, new roof, replacing all copper plumbing, new HVAC, new fi re alarm system, new totally integrated access control system, new lighting, painting along with numerous other deferred maintenance. McCree began this project with care and consideration working in and around the resident’s homes. The project began in May of 2017 and is expected to be completed in March 2018. The project has been on a very successful track to date and we predict it will be completed on time, within budget and exceeding the owner’s and resident’s expectations for quality.

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