Industrial & Warehouse

Pineloch Warehouse

Industrial & Warehouse

Pineloch Warehouse

102 W. Pineloch Street, Orlando, FL 32806

  • Delivery Method

    Design-Build & General Contracting

  • Project Insights

    Distribution Center, Warehouse, Multi-tenant

Project Description

There is no bigger compliment or testament to quality and value than a customer returning for their next project. Then the next. And then the one after that. This couldn’t be more evident than in the work completed for Pineloch Management. McCree has been designing and building with Pineloch Management for several years, completing nine different projects including a 144,000 square foot warehouse using traditional CMU construction method. McCree has also delivered projects using their wall panel system and tilt-wall. Each project was very unique. From refrigerated storage facilities to interior office build-outs for non-profit organizations, Pineloch has experienced McCree’s consistency for excellent customer service and quality on many different types of projects. No matter what Pineloch’s needs were, McCree always devised a construction plan to surpass them.

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