Park Ave Plastic Surgery


Park Ave Plastic Surgery

340 N. Wymore Road Winter Park, FL 32789

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    AHCA, ICRA/ILSM, Class A Facility, Medical Offices, Fast Track Scheduling, LEAN Scheduling, Multi-Tenant Medical Facility, Exam Rooms, Surgical Rooms, Offices, Reception Area, Break Area

Project Description

Park Avenue Plastic Surgery and Spa project was an interior renovation of an existing building to accommodate the two practices. Because the existing building was originally designed in 1987, significant structural upgrades were installed to bring the building up to current code. The project scope called for separate facilities to meet the needs of hospital, plastic surgery and spa patients. The design also included a future operating room, a recovery suite and an available 1700 square feet of tenant space. McCree also self-performed the creation and installation of updated cabinetry using their in-house mill shop to complement the high class finishes. This project was completed on budget, on time, exceeding quality expectations and passed AHCA.

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