City of Orlando Fire Station #16


City of Orlando Fire Station #16

12375 Lake Nona Gateway Rd, Orlando, FL 32827

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    New Construction, Class A Facility, Multi-Story, Master Site Planning, Phased Construction, Lean Scheduling, Architectural Pre Cast, Public/Institutional Project

Project Description

Orlando Fire Station #16 was built based on McCree’s prototypical design, constructed around the criteria developed by McCree’s architectural team and incorporating unique design features to help it blend into the Lake Nona community. It is equipped with standard truck bays, sleeping and living quarters, and a high-tech kitchen. This fi re station is also LEED-certified and utilizes sustainable and energy-efficient elements. As with the other prototypical stations designed for the City of Orlando, these eco-friendly features include natural light resources, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and low-water usage faucets and plumbing. Fire Station #16 also includes administration offices, sites to be used for training courses, and a versatile floor plan which can be adapted to meet Orlando’s future needs.


The project was completed on time, on budget, and to exceptional quality.

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