Industrial & Warehouse

Mechanical Services, Inc

Industrial & Warehouse

Mechanical Services, Inc

9440 Sidney Hayes Rd, Orland, FL 32824

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    Office Space, Assembly/Conference Rooms, Life Safety, Fire & ADA, HVAC, Site Utilities, Work Stations, Interior Build Out

Project Description

Having a long-standing relationship with Mechanical Services, Inc. (MSI), McCree was excited to design and build the restoration and renovation of their new 16,000 square foot facility on Sydney Hayes Road in Orlando, Florida. The result was that of functionality and beauty. The project was not completed without its fair share of difficulties and challenges. McCree was able to rise above all these and deliver exactly what MSI was looking for in their multiuse building. MSI’s goal in their new facility was to provide a platform to dramatically improve production by expanding their manufacturing, assembly, and prefabrication capabilities along with creating a training and learning environment that they could use for training.

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