Specialty Clinics

McAbee Veterinarian Hospital

Specialty Clinics

McAbee Veterinarian Hospital

4586 N. Palemtto Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792

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    Veterinarian, Animal Hospital, Treatment Rooms, Surgical Rooms, Exam Rooms

Project Description

Nestled among the historic buildings that have become the trademark of Winter Park, McAbee Veterinary clinic combines old-world Mediterranean charm with the comfort and practicality of modern amenities. Constructed with a unique concrete and steel insulated wall system, the building features an attractive stucco exterior with a custom tile roof. Characteristic columns exhibit an inviting façade. Porcelain tile floors and extensive custom millwork distinguish the interior features which makes for an engaging and welcoming feeling throughout. A substantial waiting area sets the tone for this spacious structure and allows for plenty of room for both people and their pets. With both full-size dog and cat kennels, a total of six exam rooms as well as administrative and leisure space for employees, McAbbe Veterinary Clinic is the epitome of animal care facilities. Using McCree’s signature design/build method with a single source of responsibility for both architectural and construction services, McAbee Veterinary Clinic exemplifies the seamless process that is the hallmark of this revolutionary process.

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