Specialty Clinics

Affiliated Veterinarian Specialists

Specialty Clinics

Affiliated Veterinarian Specialists

9905 N HWY 17-92, Maitland, FL 32751

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    Veterinarian, Animal Hospital, Treatment Rooms, Surgical Rooms, Exam Rooms

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Most primary care veterinarians are experts at handling a wide range of preventive care medical and surgical treatment procedures. However, sometimes an animal will have a problem that requires the expertise of a specialist or the use of specialized medical equipment. For a case like this, the primary care veterinarian will refer their patient to the Affiliated Veterinary Specialists. McCree was tasked to create an addition on the existing floor plan to increase facility size. This new facility houses a medical linear accelerator for radiation treatment for dogs and cats and is one of three in Florida. Tilt wall panels were poured and erected to make sure the new structure was sound and secure. The floor was finished with a seamless epoxy to maintain cleanliness with all liquids and dirt throughout the addition.

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