Understanding Various Construction Methodologies

So, which methodology is best for my project?

When it comes to creating buildings, there are many ways to bring a project to life. Owners can select from a variety of construction methods to find the one that suits their vision. General contractors across Central Florida employ these methods to realize their clients’ goals. As a leading general contractor in Orlando, McCree is familiar with all the different construction methodologies. This also includes helping you understand the acronyms and terminology you hear from various sources and people. Here we present a brief overview of each approach—its attributes and advantages—to help you decide which one is right for you.


In the design-build approach, a single entity—typically a design-build firm or a contractor with in-house design capabilities—is responsible for both the design and construction phases of the project. The owner has a single point of contact throughout the project, promoting collaboration and streamlining the entire process. Design-build also offers fewer change orders and a shorter timeline overall than other construction methodologies. This is the approach most favored by McCree; we have used it to complete a wide range of construction projects in Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County, and beyond.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

In CMAR, the owner hires a construction manager during the project’s early stages, even before the design is complete. The construction manager provides input during the design phase, helps with cost estimating and scheduling, and then transitions into the role of the general contractor during construction. The notable advantages of Construction Management include an open-book approach, early collaboration, and consolidated risk allocation; the construction manager assumes a large portion of the project risks. In addition to design-build, McCree has implemented this method in several building projects throughout Central Florida.


This is the traditional sequential approach in which the owner first hires an architect or design team to develop the design of a project. Once the design is completed, the project is put out to bid and contractors submit their proposals. The owner then selects a contractor based on the bid and signs a separate contract with them. Design-bid-build involves a high degree of specialization, encouraging all professionals involved to play to their strengths. This method also gives the owner greater responsibility; for instance, if an owner chooses design-bid-build for the construction of a medical office in Kissimmee, he or she will have greater say in the project execution.

These are only a few examples of different approaches to construction, each with its own unique advantages and considerations regarding project complexity, budget timeline, and owner preferences. At McCree, we use design-build and CMAR for our projects throughout Central Florida. However, of the many different construction methodologies, no single one is always better than another; the one that works best for you depends on your project’s specific requirements and objectives. It is important to research each option thoroughly before committing to one or another. Your choice of construction methodology can make all the difference in your overall experience.

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