Restaurant Design and Construction

What are the Important Design Factors?

Restaurant design and construction is an exciting venture. With a strong vision and a solid plan, you can create a unique venue that brings people together. We know how much planning and consideration goes into an attractive dining environment; as a commercial contractor in Orlando, McCree has completed the Chipotle Mexican Grill – Winter Park as well as Christner’s Prime Steak and Lobster. If you’re thinking about designing a restaurant in Central Florida, it’s key to know some of the important factors involved.

Why is my restaurant concept so important?

Establishing a clear concept sets the foundation for your restaurant design and construction timeline. Consider your cuisine, your target audience, and your desired atmosphere. Whether it’s a cozy café in Orlando, a sleek modern eatery in Kissimmee, or a rustic farm-to-table in Tampa, your design choices should align with your concept and bring the intended ambience.

What are some things to consider about furniture?

Furniture choice is crucial for comfort and style. Explore a variety of seating options, such as chairs, booths, and banquettes. Pay attention to spacing between tables to provide privacy and ease of movement. You might also implement flexible seating arrangements for different group sizes.

How should I design my restaurant kitchen?

A well-designed kitchen is essential for smooth operations. Experienced designers can help you create an optimized workflow to ensure a practical arrangement of equipment, workstations, and storage areas. Proper ventilation, accessibility, and safety measures are key to a productive and hygienic environment.

Cost Savings

The collaborative nature of design-build helps identify cost-saving opportunities throughout the project. Involving the contractor early on allows for accurate cost estimating, value engineering, and constructability analysis. This leads to optimized designs and fewer change orders. Additionally, when it comes to project delivery, time savings often translates into cost savings. Especially in terms of reduced financing and overhead expenses.

If you’re looking to build a restaurant in the Orlando area or anywhere in Central Florida, reach out to McCree! We’re eager to hear your ideas and help you bring your vision to life.