Realizing My Best Value

Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. In a word, it comes down to the relationship you develop with your architectural and construction team or teams.

You have many choices for your Central Florida contractor. A variety of factors play into your decision process. Your degree of experience will define how you decide to structure the relationship, manage money and delegate risk and authority. Every Orlando contractor has access to the same tools, materials and software, but not the same customer-care philosophy, team and system—let alone the same team with long-shared experience in the same system. Such dependability within the team accrues to a better value proposition for you.

The McCree Way of Design-Build inherently eliminates the typical conflict between the many professionals involved in any construction project. Many an owner or developer will tell you war stories of battling consulting professionals delaying a project while their operational and financial clock is ticking, the change orders are mounting, and every trade on the job quietly cutting corners to live within a budget consumed by wasteful arguments. One way or another, you pay the price!

On the front-end of the relationship, it can be hard to appreciate the intangible benefits of McCree being designed and built to deliver a superior product and experience relative to all other available construction methods.

Here’s some of the value you will realize with McCree General Contractors and Architects of Orlando, FL

  • Predictability: Your project will be on time, on budget.
  • Aesthetics: If you dream it, we can design and build it. If you can’t dream it, we can draw it out of you.
  • Standards: Your project will be designed and built to higher standards.
  • Risk reduction: One call, gets them all. No finger pointing between professionals at your expense.
  • Accountability: Total transparency. You have access to daily, internal construction logs.
  • Ease: Delegate your project or be as involved as you wish—we accommodate your needs.
  • Communication: Your Project Concierge and Project Manager are one phone call, text or email away.
  • Owner’s Manual: Shortly after you move in, you’ll receive a complete set of documents about your project.
  • Warranty: We offer a one-year warranty on our work plus we’ll remind you to check warranties for installed equipment.
  • Sustainability: Higher standards naturally include LEED/Green design methods.
  • Wealth creation: A well-designed and well-built building retains it value longer relative to less comparable standards.
  • Operating savings: Designed & Built Right projects have lower operating costs and fewer repairs.

Relationship, not building materials, defines value.

Ultimately, what sets us apart is we actually care. Your experience is our reputation. We live in the community where we work. We’ll see you in the grocery store, at church or at social events around town. We look forward to seeing you long after you’ve taken occupancy of your new work space.

Let’s have a construction conversation