McCree in a Minute

McCree dot com new websiteThere’s not another contractor in the Central Florida area, perhaps the Southeast, with the architecture, engineering, and construction professionals plus many trades functioning as a single team under one common ownership. The McCree Enhanced Design-Build approach is a best kept secret in Central Florida. Starting with this new website, that’s changing!

Breaking Ground?

• Thinking of building a new building, but unsure how to get started? Here’s how to get started.
• Hmmm, not sure whether you’re better off to build, buy, or lease? Consider this.
• Stuck? Confused? Overwhelmed? Time for a guide?
• Feeling cramped? Download 10 Workspace Saving Tips from the home page.

The Promise = Less Stress, Better Value, Market Prices

The McCree Promise is “Designed & Built Right!” Why take unnecessary risks associated with new construction? Have a schedule to keep? Got a budget to meet? Busy, as in really busy?

Let’s begin a Construction Conversation!