McCree CARES – Adaptable

McCree Cares - adaptable

Our values are the foundation to building relationships, projects, and our company so all are Designed & Built Right. The CARES acronym reflects our culture, brand, and customer experience.

Craftsmanship: “Built right or we make it right.”

Adaptable: “Plan ahead. Adapt to the day.”

Realistic: “We say what we mean. We mean what we say.”

Effective: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Stewardship: “To whom much is given, much is required.”

Adaptability Starts with Planning, First.

A is for Adaptable

Adaptable is the capacity to adjust to new conditions. The nature of construction is one of ever-changing conditions. Ever-shifting conditions, such as in government regulations, materials costs and availability, weather, and more, can toss and turn a project. These changes give rise to regularly revisiting prior decisions and making—when necessary—new decisions. Ultimately, it is reasonable to ask, who is responsible for these decisions and revisions?

Adaptable ties to our promise of Designed & Built Right. We believe every customer is worthy of a gratifying and productive construction experience. For most private owners, a new space is an investment in fulfilling a vision rich in hopes and dreams. An adversarial relationship with an architect and/or contractor can utterly crush the anticipated gains. Unaccounted-for changes can blow budgets, cause delays, and terrorize relationships.

Adaptable means McCree, not the customer, absorbs almost all of the impact of such change. As the design and build professionals, we own our role and responsibility to collaboratively plan and advise every customer pre-contract what they can expect and count on from us. The only exceptions are post-contract customer initiated changes.

Adaptability means McCree assumes the construction risk. We’re not, however, gamblers or guessers. None of us want surprises. Our confidence is grounded in our Concept to Key 10-Step Process. The discipline of this approach anticipates, discloses, and mitigates challenges before a shovel of dirt is turned at the groundbreaking ceremony. Both parties know what to expect.

Adaptability means we plan ahead plus we adapt to what the day gives us. Try as we might, no one can perfectly anticipate future conditions. As professionals in our respective fields, we believe it is not in your best interests to shoulder the burden of responsibility—intellectually, emotionally, or financially. To be forced to make project decisions outside of your area of expertise is unfair. Certainly, when needed, you will be involved. And as always, you will be informed.

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