Employee Buy In. Designing Workspace with Your Team in Mind.

colorful design palettes to choose fromCongratulations! Your business has expanded, and you’ve outgrown your current space. It’s a great problem to have, but have you figured out how to rectify it? As you begin the visioning process of bringing your new workspace to life, and you begin your search for just the right company to partner with, we recommend that you find a team with coordinated design-build services that will manage each stage of the process from start to finish.

As the leader of your company you set the vision, but you may not always be as in touch with the day to day operations and the space needed to execute them as your employees. Consider these few steps to help gain employee buy-in and ensure your new commercial building design meets the needs of all of your team members.

You Are The Vision Caster

It’s difficult for your team to buy in to your building project when they can’t see your vision. Once you cast a vision for your team’s future they’ll better understand how your commercial construction project will create more space for your company, and how it will help you grow into the future. Allow them in on your dreams and how they, and this space will help to achieve them.

Assess Your Staff’s Daily Processes

One mistake that many business owners make when they begin a commercial building design project is not clearly understanding the ins and out of their team’s daily work. For instance, you may not realize why it’s so important for two of your team members to be seated near each other, or who needs more privacy for important phone calls. We recommend that you survey your managers to get a clearer understanding of the processes you’re not intimately involved with.

Ask For Input

You know what is a great way to motivate your team and make them feel like an important part of your commercial building design process? Ask for their input. Are you trying to choose between two flooring samples? Take a vote. This process will change their work flow just as it will yours. The more involved you allow your team to be the more employee buy in you will get.

Your team is as excited for your new commercial building design as you are! Invite them in to the process in areas where it’s appropriate and you’ll end up with an energized team and a design that works best for everyone. If you’re ready to start the process but haven’t selected a team to work with, give us a call. McCree’s Design-Build team will partner with you from start to finish to give you a new workspace in which your business will flourish.

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