Designing and Building a Veterinary Clinic

Things to consider to make the process seem less, ruff

Our furry, feathery, and scaly friends give us joy like nothing else—and when they get sick, they need a good place to go. As a general contractor in Orlando, we know how important it is to have a veterinary clinic in the community. McCree has designed and built many animal facilities in the communities around Central Florida. If you’re thinking about building a veterinary clinic in Central Florida, there are many things to consider. Designing a friendly and functional veterinary clinic is the best way to keep our pets happy and healthy.

How can I design for safety and comfort?

A veterinary clinic should have animal safety and comfort at the heart of its operation. One way to achieve this is to minimize visual and auditory stressors. You might also consider features such as nonslip flooring, comfortable temperature control, and adequate space for animals of different sizes.

What kind of medical equipment should I have?

Your veterinary clinic should allow for essential equipment. This includes items such as examination tables, surgical tables, anesthesia machines, dental stations, imaging equipment, and computer systems for electronic medical records. It is key to have adequate storage and electrical connections for these items.

How can I enhance my clients’ experience?

There is no better way to grow your client base than by providing a stellar experience. You can give clients a great first impression by designing a reception area with comfortable seating, informative displays, and a friendly ambience. Visitors also appreciate clear signage, easy navigation, and ample parking space. You might also wish to incorporate separate areas for client education, counseling, and private discussions.

Our animal friends deserve the very best. If you’re interested in building a veterinary clinic in Central Florida, reach out to McCree today! We would love to talk about your ideas and help bring your project to life.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to McCree! We would be honored to learn about your vision and help you bring your project to fruition.