Design-Build Construction – Is It That Much Better?

The Advantages of the Design-Build Method

McCree is Orlando’s premier commercial construction firm having been established for nearly 100 years. It is also the leading design-builder in Central Florida. The design-build approach has served us well and benefited our clientele for decades—many of our projects in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Brevard, and Osceola Counties were constructed with design build and are still standing today. Design-build streamlines the construction process and offers several advantages over traditional project delivery methods.

Single Point of Responsibility

A major perk of design-build is reduced administrative burden. With this design build, the owner has a single point of contact responsible for the entire project. Including both the design and construction phases. No matter the location in Central Florida, McCree has the ability to answer and respond to any concerns within minutes. This makes communication easier and facilitates accountability. Reducing the potential for miscommunication or disputes between multiple parties.

Improved Collaboration

Design-build encourages collaboration among project team members from the beginning. When we use this method, our designers, architects, engineers, and contractors work together as a cohesive team. Sharing ideas and expertise to optimize project outcomes. This collaborative approach often leads to innovative solutions and value engineering. Resulting in cost savings and improved project quality for our clients.

Faster Project Delivery

Design-build can significantly expedite project delivery timelines compared to traditional construction methods. This is because the design and construction phases can overlap, allowing construction to begin sooner than other approaches would allow. Early involvement of construction professionals during the design phase enables them to provide real-time input, identify potential challenges, and find solutions swiftly. All of this results in reduced project delays and a faster delivery date.

Cost Savings

The collaborative nature of design-build helps identify cost-saving opportunities throughout the project. Involving the contractor early on allows for accurate cost estimating, value engineering, and constructability analysis. This leads to optimized designs and fewer change orders. Additionally, when it comes to project delivery, time savings often translates into cost savings. Especially in terms of reduced financing and overhead expenses.

Enhanced Project Quality

With the design-build approach, our team focuses on achieving the project owner’s goals internally. Not wasting time coordinating with additional outside firms to ensure the project is underway. Close collaboration improves decision-making, attention to detail, and quality control. Early contractor involvement ensures constructability and feasibility are considered during the design phase, lowering the likelihood of design errors or conflicts during construction.

Design-build is both elegant and effective. It’s no wonder that McCree has long favored this approach. Its name even features in our motto: Designed and Built Right! As a leading general contractor and design-builder in Orlando, we have seen this method create strong, beautiful buildings and satisfy clients time and time again. From improved collaboration and faster project delivery to cost savings and enhanced project quality, the design-build method offers a host of advantages that make it highly attractive for many construction and development projects.