Design And Build A Workspace That Reflects Your Leadership Style

bright colors to accentuate your styleAs you know, a great team is the number one asset for your business. The deserve a great place to work, right? As you think about building a new workspace for your team it can be easy to think of your office as just a building, and that it hardly impacts the success of your business. However, your workspace design dictates way more to your team than you might realize. It can either enhance or restrict your personal leadership style. So, as you begin to dream about a new office for your company, let McCree help you design a workspace that can enhance your leadership style. Below are just a few examples of leadership styles and how a strategic workspace design can help you lead within your strengths. There isn’t one that is better than the others.

Transformational Leaders

Inspiration is the main currency of a transformational leader. These people are big picture, blue sky thinkers and want to bring the whole team along for the ride. These charismatic and energized leaders need to be surrounded by detail-oriented team members who can help bring their big visions to life.

When the transformational leader’s office is in close proximity to the people who can turn their ideas into action, great things happen! If this sounds like you, set up your space so that you can easily call on someone to brainstorm with you when the next great idea hits. And, if inspiring your team is of high priority, consider putting your office in the center of your workspace so you have access to and are visible to all of your staff.

Servant Leaders

Servant leaders like to run their offices as a democracy. While they may be the final decision maker, they value the opinions of their team and prefer to work alongside them, not above them. The teams assembled by servant leaders are diverse and have great morale.

As a servant leader, you want to be one with the people. You’ve heard stories of young tech startups who work out of a cubicle just like every other member of their team. If working from a cubicle is a little too much democracy for you, consider a meeting space in the center of your office where all of your staff from CEO to receptionist, mingle together and share ideas.

Bureaucratic Leaders

The environment created by a bureaucratic leader is far more structured and, some may say, rigid than the others we’ve mentioned. Leaders like these enjoy more hierarchy and adherence to rules. Some of the best companies in America are led this way.

A bureaucratic leader does not want to be accessible to every staff member, that’s why they implemented structure. If this sounds like you, it’s a great idea to give yourself space away from your team where you can meet with and communicate with the managers you have empowered to lead who can then disseminate that information to the rest of the organization. To further highlight the structure that is so meaningful to this leader, consider creating suites of offices for each team so that order can continue to reign.

There are many other types of leaders, but hopefully, this gives you a sense of what things to look out for as you build a workspace that enhances your personal leadership style. Are you ready to build a space to suit your team? Give us a call, we’d love to introduce you to our Design-Build model. You share with our in-house designers exactly what you’d like to get from your new workspace design, we design it, we build it. Simple as that.

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