Buy, Build or Lease?

Decisions! Decisions! Peering into the future of your operations and projected growth implies work space needs. The debate rages within, “Are we better off buying, building or leasing to meet our future needs?” These are big questions involving many organizational and individual factors. As you review tax implications, wealth planning, business strategy and your risk profile, you need numbers to assess your options.

Add McCree to your team of consulting professionals and generate realistic pricing for your buy, build or lease options.

We can run feasibility studies and create budgets for the buy, build and lease options. We’re a design-build firm. As you consider buying a building, you’ll need to account for renovations or additions. As you consider building a new building, you’ll need a very realistic budget. As you consider leasing, you’re apt to need tenant improvements and renovation work. Because we provide all of these services, we’re impartial advisors who are simply providing you with solid information and budgets on which to base your decision.

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