Design Build

Examples of Design-Build projects

NorthLake Park
NorthLake Park

City of Orlando Fire Station #15
City of Orlando Fire Station #15



Inverness City Hall
Inverness City Hall

McCree 10-step Design/Build Process

1.Regulatory Review
2.Preliminary Drawings
3.Budget Cost Estimates
4.Value Engineering
5.Confirmation of Design and Cost
6.Construction and Engineering Drawings
7.Competitive Subcontractor Bid Process
9.Project Construction
10.Close out

Why Should the owner consider Design-Build over Design-Bid-Build?

1. Less risk for owner 1. More risk for owner
2. Sets up team relationships 2. Sets up adversarial relationships
3. Contractor works for the owner 3. Contractor protects self-interests
4. Competitive qualified low bids4. Low bids but may not be qualified
5. Design change orders eliminated5. High charges for change orders
6. Considerable contractor/estimator involvement during planning 6. No contractor involvement during planning
7. Emphasizes service and price7. Emphasizes price
8. Chooses contractor on the basis of work and track record 8. Makes assumption quality will be the same
9. Decision considers experience, quality, reliability, scheduling, cost and creativity 9. Price is the deciding factor

During the 1940’s we took notice of the adversarial relationship created when separate architecture firms and general contractors are brought together to complete a project. The owner, wanting the best price, trusts the architect to keep plans within budget. However, when the plans are turned over to the contractor thousands of dollars later, there are missing items and issues left unaddressed. This results in costly change orders and can really break one’s budget as new things keep popping up.

With design/build, this adversarial relationship does not exist. We get things right the first time because we are the ones who take responsibility for the entire project at the end of the day. And we like it that way. It enables us to have complete control over your project and control costs more effectively, but it also makes the process easier on the owner as we are the only firm you need to contact from planning to completion. Our firm has experience designing and building a great variety of projects. Since we all live and work here in Central Florida, we know the area, the regulations and have a genuine interest in seeing the area grow beautifully.